Chapter 4: Endurance

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This month I turn 41. Although I was not looking forward to turning 40 last year, honestly 40 has been a great year for me and my health.  When I started losing weight and getting healthy, my biggest struggle wasn’t a lack of strength or flexibility, it was a lack of endurance.  I could do cardio just not for very long.  I could lift weights just not a lot of reps.  I really struggled with this for quite a while and wasn’t sure if I was every going to feel like my endurance was improving.  I was exercising, dieting and working really hard.  I wanted the feeling that I had when I was 20.  I wanted to feel that I could do anything physically that I wanted to.  I was missing an important key in my diet.  I was not taking the right supplements.  It is so important to supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals not found in the typical American diet.  Once I started taking Men’s Daily Vitamin Pack, I noticed a dramatic increase in my endurance.  I’ve been running long distances each week training for a marathon.  I still get tired and fatigued, but I am going farther than I ever thought at my age.  If you are dieting and exercising without the benefit of increased endurance, I recommend that you take a good quality multivitamin with minerals.

Chris Schiller, PharmD

Chief Executive Officer

Economy Pharmacy, Inc

Chris at the gym with probiotic 30

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