Does the Winter Blues have you down?

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Have you experienced winter depression or SAD (seasonal affective disorder)?

This happens in the winter months when your biological clock is disrupted by the decrease in sunlight. You may feel irritable, see a gain in weight, and crave carbohydrates. Some other signs are low energy, feeling bored, and uninterested in activities you usually enjoy.


Not to worry though there are things you can do to combat the winter blues.

  1. Take Vitamin D– Vitamin D or the “sunshine” supplement is very beneficial in the winter months when being outside isn’t always an option and the sun isn’t always out.
  2. Take Fish Oil– Fish oil or Omega-3 promote healthy blood flow in the brain, this helps with optimal brain function and to maintain a high performance.
  3. Take Melatonin– Melatonin helps promote quality sleep that is essential for our bodies and brains to maintain their natural rhythm. This helps with our energy and performance while we are awake.
  4. Exercise- Get to the gym and/or get outside as much as possible. Exercise increases the blood flow to your brain it also creates a chemical reaction that releases serotonin and dopamine.


Great news, Kapsulations offers all of these supplements! They are high quality supplements at an affordable price and can be taken daily to aid you through these tough winter months.

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