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I was pretty pumped when Chris asked me to write something up for the exercise piece of his recent blog series. The best part about him asking me to do it was the fact he asked me to do this after leg day. In all honesty, though, the changes Chris has made over the past year have been incredible and I am honored to have played a small part in it.

I see Chris and the rest of the group 3x/week for 30 minute sessions. I typically like them to get there 10 minutes prior in order to warmup, but regardless, the group’s total gym time is less than 40 minutes per session. With his group in particular We do an upper body, lower body and a full body day. Find a split that works for you – hopefully the following graphic can help you on that front.

Workout Splits Made Easy

Sometimes (a lot of the time*) the group is like herding cats, so, they get a tough interval circuit on those days to make them value breathing over cracking jokes (normally at my expense). They don’t like my leggings, whatever. Check out this salty little metabolic finisher that is similar to what they do to finish up workouts.


AMRAP Strength Finisher


The beauty of fitness and something that many fail to realize is that you can make fitness fit your life, your schedule and your needs. It doesn’t have to be the other way around. You want to know what the bets workout plan is? The one you can stick to and be consistent with. That’s it, no secret sauce or special formulas. You have 10 minutes twice a week? Great! Let’s make those the most efficient 10 minutes ever so you can get the most out of it. Maybe you can only hit the gym once a week – let’s work! A nice full body session (check out the graphic to see how you can build your own) can go a long way, and one workout per week is infinitely better than the workout that didn’t happen. You can find time to exercise, no matter how much or how little time you have there is a way to structure a program so you receive maximum benefits.


Build Your Own Full Body Workout

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